JANUARY 19, 2022

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm. There was a quorum in attendance.

Present: Doug Rothfus; Carolyn Graham; Donna Rothfus; Dave Stevenson; Dianne Durda; Rudy Feddema; Carol Bucsis; Lynda Watfa

Absent: Norma Stevenson; Gloria Tomkin

2. Lynda read the minutes of the September 15, 2021, AGM. There was a question from the floor re the Hampton Inn which Doug responded to. Motion by Arnold Kurz to approve the minutes as read. Seconded by Dave Stevenson. CARRIED.

3. Lynda read the minutes of the January 12, 2022, Board meeting. Doug informed the membership that the attempts to retrieve the keys/binder from the Vice President who had resigned had been unsuccessful so far and that the door locks will need to be re-keyed and new keys handed out.

4. Correspondence: Doug told the members about the request from Gregory Marr to set up a table at the Club for World War I and II memorabilia next Remembrance Day. If he is not a member of our Club, he is not eligible to use our space, also Genesis Place or the Legion Hall may be a better venue for this display. Doug mentioned placing a wreath at the Cenotaph. Myrtle Brewster said there was a wreath in the storage cupboard which the Club President has used in the past for this purpose. There was a suggestion from the floor that the Club donate to the Legion instead of having a display at the Club. We donate $200 annually to the Poppy Fund.

Doug then mentioned the email from Christine Whittall, a certified exercise leader

who is interested in leading a class at our Club. We purchased a new 70-inch

TV that can be used for exercise sessions as well as Club advertising and game

watching. Doug will talk to Kathy Gordon our previous Exercise Director about

the chair yoga classes which were very well attended and can hopefully be

started again. We will need to check with AHS re mask requirements for exercise


There was an email from Community Links thanking us for our donation to them

and saying they will be back at the Club on February 2, 2022.

An email from Vern Raincock re the Arts Festival Grant application which he

thought would be a good fit for our Club, but unfortunately there is not enough

lead-in time for us to apply this year, but we can consider for next year.

The Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show is April 23 & 24, and we will have a table

there again. We need to register before the end of January to get the 10%

discount. We will post a volunteer sign-up sheet at the Club to cover the 2 days.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Our 2021 Financials were reviewed by Shirley Mitchell and

Jim Dice. Motion to approve 2021 financials by Myrtle Brewster. Seconded by

Dianne Durda. CARRIED.

Carolyn told the members that the Club is in a good financial state and

that we are slated for a casino in the third quarter of this year – no exact dates


Carolyn informed the members that the Calgary Foundation Grant we

received last year still has outstanding funds that we need to spend before

the end of January. The grant was for $24,000 and we used it to purchase the

new wheelchair access front door, the sanitation unit and solution, thermometers

and batteries, our LIVE music license, our new tablets and membership cards, a

snow blower, the TV, and 20 new folding chairs with a storage rack. We would

like to purchase 30 more folding chairs which can be paid through the grant


6. Doug read a list of club members that passed away in 2021 and we had a

moment of silence for them.

7. Director’s Reports:

Presidents Report: Doug recapped last year with our partial reopening

in July with Shuffleboard, Carpet Bowling, Pool followed by cards in

September. Ken & Friends have not been back to the Club yet. The

new QR code became a requirement in the fall.

Activity Director: Carol Bucsis read her brief report. Lynda read a

report from Mike & Gail Benoit who run Military Whist.

Membership Report: Carolyn gave the membership report and

explained how the new IPAD sign-in system works.

Phoning Report: Dianne informed us there are only about 26 members

who need to be phoned.

Maintenance Report: No Maintenance Report.

Ways’nMeans Report: Carolyn delivered this report and thanked Annie Kuznicki for her service as this Director.

Rental Director Report: Dave presented his report.

8. Motion by Doug to accept all reports as given. Seconded by Arnold. CARRIED.

Jean McDougall thanked Carolyn Alway for leading the Arts/Craft classes. Carolyn Alway is heading up the Alberta 55+ group and she spoke about their up-coming events which may include a Club rental for Military Whist on March 26.

Old Business:

9. Carolyn talked about the new sign-in system and getting all the Activity Leaders

trained on using it. We will still be taking temperatures at least till the end of

January. The website is being maintained by Lynda at the present time.

10.Protocols: This is an ongoing concern for the Board. Doug mentioned the possible reopening of the kitchen but informed the membership of an email he received from AHS re a complaint about non-mask wearing during a certain activity at the Club.

Motion by Arnold to re-open the kitchen for coffee, tea and hot chocolate using paper cups, individual sugars, creamers and stir sticks.

Seconded by Annie. After much discussion on this Arnold withdrew his motion.

11.Other: Myrtle mentioned there were 3 boxes of chocolates in the file cabinet from the City for Club members.

Also, there is a plaque missing that was purchased for commemorating members who have passed. We hope it will be returned.

New Business:

1. Doug mentioned the old black armless chairs are available for purchase at $10.00 each and the old 40-inch TV can be bought for $100.00.

2. Vote: Myrtle thanked Arnold and Roy for their help in getting new Board members. She reminded us of the duties of the Board. All. active Board members will resign for the election. Roy MacFarlane is leading the 2022 Board elections.

President: Doug Rothfus is acclaimed as President

Secretary: Lynda Watfa is acclaimed as Secretary.

Treasurer: Carolyn Graham is acclaimed as Treasurer

Activity Director: Carol Bucsis is acclaimed as Activity Leader

Kitchen Director: Donna Rothfus is acclaimed as Kitchen Director

Maintenance Director: Rudy Feddema is acclaimed as Maintenance Director

Rental Director: Dave (& Norma) Stevenson is acclaimed as Rental Director

Membership Director: Heather McIntosh volunteered. Gisele Hache was

nominated by Arnold. She declined. Heather McIntosh is acclaimed.

Phoning Director: Shirley Mitchell volunteered. She is acclaimed.

Travel Director: Jean Moorhouse volunteered. She is acclaimed.

Ways’nMeans Director: Arnold volunteered. He is acclaimed.

Vice President: Myrtle Brewster is nominated by Arnold & Annie. She is


IT Technologist: Jim Rowe volunteered. He is acclaimed.

Motion to adjourn by Rudy.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Next Board meeting is February 9, 2020