Protocols For Entry- March 1, 2022

Updated: Mar 2

The Airdrie Over 50 Club requires all persons entering our club to provide a copy of their QR code. We are still offering various activities throughout the day and cards in the evenings. We will continue to remain open as long as the province does not force a closure or we have COVID cases at the Club.

Temperatures are taken upon entry and the current sign-in protocol will continue using the AH Daily Check List.

Our Club still requires everyone to wear masks at this time. We will revisit mask wearing at the Board meeting on March 9 and decide on a course of action then. Social distancing where possible is encouraged when participating in all activities.

According to AHS we can now offer coffee, tea, and snacks during a break in activity as long as people remain at their tables to consume and don their masks again before returning to their activity

Thank you for your co-operation