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Sunday's doors open at 11:00am

Bingo sessions are CASH ONLY
All attending the event must be 18+
Paper Cards and Dauber Only
Questions send to

General Information 


All game payouts are determined by sales each week.  Limit 120 players.


Sales Start at 11:45am      Regular games sales close at 12:45pm

Every person attending must pay admission. Admission is paid when you purchase your cards. 


A receipt must be on display when a player has a winning bingo to receive a payout

Bingo starts at 1:00pm

Special Game Sales close 15 minutes prior to the start of each special game

Bingo Program

$5.00 for 15 Regular games variety of patterns 5 level regular cards all prizes split according to the level of the card played and number of winners.  Special ball Progressive $2.00 (50/50)

Special Games:      $2.00 for 1 Odd/Even Blackout           

                                 $3.00 for 1 Progressive Jackpot Blackout


The more money you spend the more money you win!  

When you have a winning card YELL BINGO!! LOUD and hold up your winning card

Volunteers  (Needed on a Weekly Basis)

Please come out when you can and help the club with this ongoing Fundraiser.

Setting up and taking down of the tables can be a challenge.

A volunteer sign up sheet has been posted on the Bingo board at the club

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